Educational Services

Our School-Based Services include Mental Health Awareness Programs and Educator Trainings as well as Project-Based Learning and workshops on current challenges for students.


Throughout the year, Madraigos hosts educational lectures and events featuring distinguished Rabbanim and renowned clinicians who address the contemporary challenges of parenting. Our popular, confidential Q&A sessions engage parents on a personal level with practical guidance for dealing with everyday struggles in the home.


Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional approach designed to help students develop skills through engaging projects related to real-world challenges. Students choose a problem relevant to them and solve it through research, collaboration, and creativity. The experiential learning process combined with a forum to showcase their work provides a motivational and long-lasting impact. The Steps For Success curriculum consists of emotional health, character building, and relationship management topics.

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The Mental Health Awareness Program (MAP) is designed to help educators not only recognize and understand the early signs of common mental health challenges facing school-aged children, but also learn how to best employ preventative strategies. Customized for individual schools and their staff, this program is the first step in preventing crises, identifying issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, and helping schools create a healthy, growth-oriented learning environment.


For many years, our unique and successful collaboration with various universities provides fieldwork opportunities for MSW students. Interns gain first-hand experience as they work alongside professionals in a clinical environment. At the same time, the schools benefit from the services of these young, enthusiastic members of the social work community. Interns lead interactive group discussions and meet weekly with students to discuss challenges including peer pressure, decision-making, and social stress. Interns also fulfill their fieldwork hours by mentoring at The Lounge programs. Our professional clinical staff provides ongoing, intensive individual and group supervision throughout the school year. Topics related to confidentiality and suicide ideation protocols, for example, are discussed and specific case presentations are made to educate our interns and appropriately support and strengthen our youth.

school consultation

We offer consultations with educational teams (teachers, specialists, administrators, etc.) nationwide to provide guidance and comprehensive support plans to manage behaviors of concern for a particular school.

Youth Programs

We work proactively to provide youth prevention services as well as practical tools and support for their parents.


While enjoying fun, growth-oriented activities, middle and high-school-aged girls build new friendships and gain a new sense of self. They learn to believe in themselves, nurture inner strengths, and maintain a healthy journey.

Girls flourish at Ignight Camp where unforgettable experiences empower personal growth, strengthen social skills, and encourage healthy peer relationships. Exciting trips, sports, and more create a positive environment that campers can tap into for the rest of the year.


High-school-aged youth enjoy relaxing in this fun-filled, judgment-free zone. Under the expert eyes of our professionally trained lounge director and licensed clinical director, staff members mentor and bond with guys, aiming to meet the unique social-emotional needs of each person.

holiday retreats

We facilitate programs and services for Jewish holidays throughout the year. Our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur retreats provide a warm, judgment-free experience for all attendees. Together with Rabbanim, business professionals, and clinical therapists, participants engage in inspirational discussion groups and lectures, moving prayer services, and uplifting singing as they connect with the broader Jewish community and to our Creator.

carry on music project

(In Memory of Binyamin Zwickler, a'h) The Carry On project is geared for youth to express themselves and elevate their lives through music. Through kumzitsim, concerts featuring popular musical artists, and Open Mic Nights, our teens and young adults benefit from unique opportunities for sharing their personal story, their passion, and their struggles.

Clinical Services

From in-depth assessments to referrals to case management, we provide crisis intervention support and guidance.


We offer no-fee comprehensive assessments for individuals and families struggling with social/emotional and mental health issues. Every person who comes through our doors receives an intensive intake to explore all the issues at hand. We work with all relevant parties before making an evaluation and customized game plan. Clients walk out with concrete resources and professional referrals who are ready and able to work with them.

case management

Our clinical professionals maintain relationships with our clients every step of their therapeutic journey with all parties involved for as long as support is needed.

crisis intervention

Our clinical team works closely with individuals and families in crisis, from issues at the early stages to acute, life-threatening circumstances. Our staff responds with hands-on, personalized guidance and direction.


We run ongoing support groups for parents of adolescents and young adults. These groups are facilitated by licensed marriage and family therapists and supervised by our clinical director. These free, confidential support networks give parents a chance to work through frustrations, feel validated, and connect with other growth-minded parents.


Our Support Line is available around the clock six days a week to help anyone facing a critical situation. Our clinical team offers crucial, time-sensitive care, and guidance to address the immediate need.


Therapists nationwide consult with our professional clinical team for support and guidance in addressing complex cases at no cost. Clinicians gain a deeper insight to treatment modalities and research advancements to assist them in formulating appropriate, holistic treatment plans. Clinical consultations also help to navigate ethical dilemmas to ensure the highest level of professional and ethical standards. In the end, therapists come away with invaluable tools and resources to enhance patient outcomes.

Professional growth educational forums offered throughout the year provide continuous learning and facilitate professional networking in a healthy, positive, and enriching framework.